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Finding a career that you find interesting and motivating is can be difficult. There are extensive and growing resources on the Internet that can help, a few starting points are listed below:

Some Interesting Colleges
A small selection of interesting colleges you may have overlooked are listed below:

  • US Coast Guard Academy. What other school has a classrooom that is a real sailing ship? From the web site, some background about the "Eagle":
    EAGLE is the largest tall ship flying the Stars and Stripes and the only square-rigger in U.S. government service. A three-masted barque, EAGLE's foremast and mainmast carry square sails and her mizzenmast carries fore-and-aft sails. The ship was built in 1936 in Germany, and commissioned as HORST WESSEL, one of three sail training ships operated by the pre-World War II German Navy. At the close of World War II, HORST WESSEL was taken as a war reparation by the United States, recommissioned as the U.S. Coast Guard Cutter Eagle and sailed to New London, Connecticut, our only homeport since.
  • Colorado School of Mines. Has some unusual majors.
  • Case Western Reserve University
  • . Top notch academically, but you may not have heard of it because only sports teams get publicity in the U.S. :-(.
  • Denison University. The prettiest school I ever visited!
  • Oberlin College. Has a strong history and reputation.



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