The Circle
An Online Guide: by M. D.
Updated: 3/19/01

There are several conic sections, but perhaps the most common throughout history and even today is the circle. This is a little guide or tour, for anyone interested, to several websites that contain information on the circle. The sites are set up in no particular order, but you may want to start at the low level math sites and work your way up. If you do not like one site or just finished exploring it you can use the "Back" button on your browser to return here. Hope you enjoy the tour.

  1. Basic and not so Basic Circle Info
    A site that starts off with nice, easily understood information, but then delves into the more complicated. If you need to know more about how to find the area of a circle or what the radius and circumference are, this is a nice place.

  2. Two Dimension Geometrics
    A large site that features several different formulas for the circle. Be careful, however, because not everthing is for the circle. Some of it is more advanced than others, and it starts off at about high school level.

  3. Area and Circumference
    A nice, kind of large site that sheds some light on the area and circumference of circles. It also contains useful information on the area's of other shapes.

  4. 7th Grade Project
    This is a 7th class project to find to better instill the area of the circle into your mind. Check it out if you want to use or perhaps test your knowledge on the area of a circle.

  5. 8th Grade Project
    This site is similar to the last one in that it is a project. This one, however, is a little more advanced and is meant for the 8th grade. If the last one was not enough of a challenge for you perhaps this one will be.

  6. Circle Conic Section
    Here is a good site pertaining to the conic side of the circle. It has the general and standard forms of the circles and a little knowledge on how to graph them. This is a nice place to go to learn or reaffirm your knowledge of the Algebra of the circle.

  7. Circle Definitions
    This site contains some nice definitions and formula information that may help to clarify any misunderstandings you might have on the circle. It might even contain a definition or two new to you.

  8. Area of a Circle
    A small site filled up with information on the volumes and areas of a variety of figures. Not to much about the circle here, but it does tell you the basic form of how to find the surface area of a circle.

That's about it. I hope you found this site interesting or at least helpful. Thanks for visiting.