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BulldogMath 2005-2006 Picture Gallery

SMHS Girls Volleyball - at Home
Susan Moore HS vs. DAR and Boaz HS'

Pictures taken 8-26-05
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The Susan Moore High School Girls Volleyball Team hosted DAR High School and Boaz High School on Friday, August 26. The following pictures are from the Junior Varsity game with DAR.

On the way home from the game I found the soon to be named Boomer and Zorro abandoned by the side of a road. After keeping them overnight and trying to leave them at the Animal Shelter for several hours the next day, Mrs. C. and I missed them and brought them back to see if we could raise our first dogs -- and they have to get along with our 6 cats!

UPDATE: Boomer and Zorro are doing great and growing very, very fast!

Below are pictures taken Oct. 30, 2005.
UPDATE: Boomer and Zorro are almost a year old! Boomer is a little bigger (50 lbs) and has longer hair. Zorro is about 45 lbs. and is more "hyper" than Boomer. And a hyper border collie gives a new meaning to the word frenetic!

Below are pictures taken in the sping of 2006 at Boomer and Zorro's graduation from obedience school!
(Boomer is on the left, Zorro on the right)

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