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BulldogMath 2006-2007 Picture Gallery


Our Classroom - Welcome!
Pictures taken 7-31-06
Click on any picture for a larger view.
This year we are going to try a "row of three" seating arrangement. Other small changes are that the old pinkish bookcase was painted grey to match last year's paint. And because the marks on the bottom of the wall would not come out without taking off the paint Mrs. Cantlin painted a grey 2 foot stripe around the base of the room. It looks good now!

I moved some of the posters around and added a new poster which is a collage of over one hundred selected pictures from last year's bulldogmath picture gallery. I put it on the inside of the door. I also found a gold flaked "bulldog figurine" at a flea market which is on the file cabinet next to the globe. His picture is here of course.

There has been a "pencil sharpener" change. Gone are the electric pencil sharpeners and in their place are 3 Bostitch wall sharpeners (old school style :-). Please observe the following rules when using these new sharpeners:
  • Plain wood pencils only
  • Leave the dial alone, don't change its setting
  • Don't try to empty the sharpener unless I have shown you how
Boomer came to school to help clean and somehow found his way into the pictures too! Everything has been cleaned top to bottom and Boomer says hurry up and start school!


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