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USATestPrep Quick Start Guide

Mr. Cantlin's Classes

Free Alabama High School Graduation Exam Help Is Available To All Susan Moore High School Students at:

Click on the "Member Login" button on the top right-hand part of the page and enter your username and password to begin (use all lower case, no capitals please).

Username: susanmoore
Password: (see Mr. Cantlin)

Students: follow these "Quick Start" steps to use the USATestPrep site for help on the math part of the Alabama High School Graduation Exam:
  1. Take a 25 question Diagnostic Practice Test to determine your strengths/weaknesses. You can have the results emailed to me at
  2. Print and read the content descriptions of your weakest areas.
  3. Review the practice questions and vocabulary flashcards of your weakest content areas. Bring your math questions to Mr. Cantlin at any after school or Saturday math help session.
  4. Repeat steps 1-4 noting any improvements.
  5. Vary time spent on different activities and you may also add printable resources or other activities to your review.
  6. Sign up for the email review found on the home page. Students may register to receive custom practice questions, vocabulary, and testing tips each week.

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